Hi everyone, my name is Jo.

I have been in the Turks and Caicos Islands for 15 years now and thus I am commonly known as Jo Gym!!! I have been in the fitness industry for 19 years now after a very bizarre start to my career back in the UK. I was an avid aerobic class attendee and when one time the instructor failed to show up I got nominated by the “back row” to take the class as I “always knew what came next”. This ended up with my local Health Club (now a David Lloyd facility) asking if I wanted a job! I went and took the Royal Society of Arts Exercise to Music certification in London and started teaching aerobics in the day whilst being a croupier at night.

Once I got over beginners nerves I found I loved teaching and being able to help people become fit and healthy. I also made so many great friends that I decided to branch out a little more and get qualified in teaching step. During this time I was recruited by Reebok to become part of the Step Reebok Display team and I traveled around the UK promoting the Step phenomenon.

Once fitness became my prime career I decided to dedicate more time to self education and got certified as a Personal Trainer (ISSA), Spin Instructor (Mad Dogg) and Advanced Personal Training (Fitness Associates Resources).

With more and more experience I understood that being a Personal Trainer means helping your student to develop essential habits to achieve a healthy lifestyle and motivating them to stick with it. Every day they overcome new challenges not only physically but mentally to get closer to their goals.

With a touch of wanderlust I then decided to leave the UK and worked on the cruise ships out of Miami teaching fitness classes and personal Training, even to the crew. From Miami I ventured a little further and came to Provo, Turks and Caicos Islands which I fell in love with and where I furthered my fitness experience working as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at local fitness centers and the hotels.

The time has flown by and it has been a pleasure to work with so many clients from all over the globe and to watch them understand how fitness becomes such an integral part of your life whilst trying to get them to enjoy it a little bit too!! Job satisfaction is almost daily when I help motivate someone to achieve some small step towards their goals and believe me; everyone’s goals are so different, sometimes they are not just physical. Fitness can help you become stronger on the inside as well as out.

Now I am so excited to join the Rock it Hot fitness team and start a new chapter. I am hoping to see some old friends and to make plenty of new friends here. Fitness will always be a huge part of my life and I hope I can help make it a part of yours.

Change is good, let’s make the change TOGETHER!!!!!